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<3 naruto & gaara
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complete NARUTO anime
buy more SLING bag
COMICS nt confiscated by teacher
gt good results
get into 3e6
collect more naruto n gaara stuffs
be without worries
find a boi who treat me well
love all family members
my gans
my dearest frens
naruto n gaara OF COURSE
anime* YIPEE
I <3 U
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Tis week i'm so tym to watch bleach n naruto so dn nid sae blogging la...sian...nid to learn steps i gong gong liaos. i juz finish watch 8 espisode of bleach...tink nida wait till tmr thn cn watch liaos haiz....y he keep didn on9 de...sians..hehees

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6:56 AM;


i juz finsh watchin naruto shippuuden 18,19 and 20. wad de, i nida wait 4 2 weeks thn can c espisode 21. each 2 weeks kae? i cant wait 4 it sia..i goin CRAZY!!! 2dae i wanted to haf no hw so i quickly finish all de hw in sch during lessons tym. SHH..hees

goin play audi long didn play le..feel so slow whn pressin, muz warm up 1st. tmr goin nee ann library to read comics. hope there's sm there...todae gt nth intersting happen oso. so sian in sch ZZzzzzzz........SIAN SIAN SIAN!!!

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Arh...i damn tired today. eyes about to shut liaos..sian, juz finish art n mswong sci hw. keep counting de mass, vol and density. i read until blur blur liao. nt sure sure bout wads most n least danse. wad de hell!!! feel so iirritate n confused larh..i'm nt in a vry good mood of writing so dn mind my languages :p

today after recess, i gt clean whiteboard still being chong gong $0.50 by mswong bcoz of nt doing duties. Hey, i gt do kaes?! my $$$ fly away lias...tink cn buy a slice of honeydew widd tat..those lessons were lyk Zzzz...wna sleep on de spot. bt still quite good, gt a chance to go into computer labby :)

kanasai, so mani-mani-mani hw given 2day until head gonna bang de table cca until 7+ which make me walking lyk---hey where's i'm going? i oso wna lyk u guys noe bout NARUTO. mayb u all will at least be a little intrested VVVVVVVVVVV

tis r de 2 main characters. its truely a great anime.
(hees, i gt my naruto movies--yipees!!)

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Oh My TIAN!!! todae is FRIDAY THE THIRDTEEN!!! even though todae is known as a unkucky n badluck dae, i dn feel it tis way. it has been a kucky n good dae 4 me. i has pass my test todae n i find it amazing as i reali tink i goin to fail 4 tis tym round. cher sae mani students fail n i didn reali study 4 it. i reali haf de chong dong to sae **** if i fail (guess wad i gonna sae?)

CHINESE DANCE!!! 2dae as normal, we haf chi dance. we dance both chi n morden dance n i will sae tat tis is 1 of the funniest tym i haf. chi dancers oso decided to perform 4 teacher's dae. we are goin to go 4 de audition thn n hope we will go in. JIAYOUSJIAYOUS DANCERS!!!

MY DEAR COUSIN!!! i'm goin to my cousin hse to stay as my parents has gone oudd.. i haf to finish all de hmwk by 2dae sia..Zzzz...i cn play guitar n play audi!! goin oud tmr oso..mayb to bugis n cwp ba..i wna go ARCADE n play THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD 4...i'm looking forward sia..quick quick tmr && hmwk disappear!!

i so hungry nw sia..juz came back frm cca n haven had dinner yet..nida go my cousin hse n mum mum..i oso play BASKETBALL in sch juz nw for 5 min i tink? even though it was nt long, bt i feel happy as tis is de 1st tym i play basketball..hehees

tts all, gd nite :D

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heys, i reali fed up todae by teacher k./ naruto comic kena confiscated by HER. my dearest NARUTO comic seh. hw cn juz tak away?! hupm!i cn juz c de comic leaving me bit by bit. haiz. dn sae i'mso love .I'M TOTALLY IS

our conversation is lyk:
cher: give me ur book
me: dn wan la cher (shake head)
cher:i sae giv me, u noe u r nt suppose to read comic
me: bt nw is reading tym ma, nvm la
cher: bt it's reading tym nw for story bk
me: tts nt mine, its my brother de cousin 1
cher: i sae giv it to me && c me after sch
me:alrite, mus return me after sch orhkays

tis conversation was kinda ZZZzzzz. tok oso no use. in de end kena kip in office n let my bk haf air-con; c cher SO gd hor?

i nw so lonely sia. no ppl at hm..all gone oud. left me here posting blog. Zzzz...tmr staying over at my cousin hse play AUDITION wid her naruto espisode dn wan cum oud de izzit? wait 4 2 weeks de NARUTO SHIPPUUDEN 20 still nt up yet. i'm gettin oud of patient liaos.

todae lesson was lyk eng,math,chi,sci,geo mostly impt subj...i'm getting sleepy over it. eng do compo test(relief-title), math 13b, sci practical ,MT-gong han, geo--grp sianz larhhs

AIYO, audi DC again while i typing. wad to do nw leh? i oso dn noe...mayb watch naruto ba...
NARUTO is really a nice anime. any1 interested go watch..vry nice

tts all i haf to sae..buaii :D

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Play Bleach Training 2