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yay yay yay! sleep over at my cousin's hse..1st tym lehhs..;D
i'm so happy over it. last tym alwas stay at my de other cousin hse de..cant reali believe tt my mum let us stay..hip hip hurray!..lols-ed

my cousin too yong gong liao..kip doin her math slacking luh//
didn bring my hw to do so cant do anitink at kip luking at friendster profiles n found out a lot of secrets...wakakaka..

cant sae la..secret ma...hees..drink a lot of sweet talk n eat a lot of fast food during de holidaes..grown lyk fat fat liaos..haiz..tink to tink waes to jian fei..sianzzz...mon sch re-open liaos leh..nida prepare mani tinks n study 4 exams.


hahaas...memorise till my head wanna bao zha le lor...kees
cant put dwn fringe which made me lyk no mood-dy go sch..senior will catch me de!!!
to avoid being caught, oni cn pin up lor..lyk toot toot kia lyk tt...thn cn be guai kia..hahaas.
still at my cousin fun..within an hour tym, dad gonna fetch me le thn i haf to go home..i wanna stay!! tink will bout dec holi thn cn mit wid thm le...


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3:22 AM;


sian_sian_sian_sian_sian LARHSS!!! todae early in de morning still gt chi dance..almost cant wake up kays? go there frm 8.30-12.30.. make me soo damn tired. we learn de ''chopstick dance'' todae..muz nui lai nui qu. my bones lyk wna crack lyk tt n somehow i'm vry poor in chi dance. i would prefer band, if last tym i haf de chance..&& so, no band , thn dance luh..

a few daes b4 i go visit my cher in pri sch..he && she was lyk doesn't recognize me aldy..
i was tgt wid my other fren..same class wif me..

ah-tan : hi miaoqing!! hw hav u been ar?? goin smoothly ma? (she's ignoring my existance!! grr...)

miaoqing : umm,yar...okok luh...btw, u still rmb her? (me me me me!!)

ah-tan : hmm, u r nt my student rite??

i was lyk DIAO!!! hey, juz didn c 3 years so fast 4gt me liao mehhs???

jieying : i jieying la..rmb ma??? (pray pray..rmb la)

ah-tan : OMG!!! JIEYING!! umm, r u really jieying?


jieying : of course i m la...c c my name n de shirt? (turning around to show her my name on my class-tee... 2e6 class-tee rawks!!!)

ah-tan : OIC... paiseh la..didn recognize u la...

wahahahaha so funny lehs!!!

i will nt 4gt thm dear teacher && frens!!!

love u all 1314 184!!!

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12:15 AM;


went to de chalet at ARANDO COUNTRY CLUB . its lyk a total maze to confusong..wakaka..heys; took some photos of my cuuty cousins!! so KAWAII NEH!
so mani food n drinks there. buffet leh..of course gt food la..yummy..its my cousin,Angie 21st b'dae n her marriage to Bernard korkor. they knew each other since sec 3 sia..
my other cousins n me went to downtown east de arcade play play...misses arcade so much...hahaas,tts 4 todae!!!

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